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Essential Camping Tips You Shouldn’t Miss It

Camping is the best way for a fun holiday amid a busy schedule. It is often a favorite agenda among young people and adults. Before enjoying camping activities, we need to prepare in detail so that nothing terrible happens. 

1. Pay attention to safety.

Camping locations must be safe from flood-prone locations or around active mountains. This will jeopardize safety. Choose the atmosphere of the camping site according to the additional facilities available so that it doesn’t make it difficult for you, such as a campground that already has bathroom facilities and photo spots.

2.Pay attention to conditions Weather.

Conditions make us anticipate preparing equipment. When predicting the weather will rain, preparing a raincoat, umbrella, warm clothes when it rains, and warm drinks is necessary. Expecting lousy weather is not recommended because it will be dangerous.

3. Invite some places to be together

Invite friends or family, so you don’t feel lonely. The camping atmosphere is enjoyable when done together with family and other people. If you fall sick or have problems, you don’t need to work alone because people help you.

Camping With Friends

4. Prepare food supplies Camping.

Locations are often far from the city, and there is no delivery service and no signal. You need to practice your independence skills. To get good food, you need to cook it first. People often choose foods that are easy to cook with limited equipment. Such as canned food, instant noodles, and cereals.

5. Don’t forget to bring this equipment.

In addition to the tent and mattress you need to carry, you need other essential equipment, namely a sleeping bag. The night atmosphere in the camping area is always low. Please make sure you are warm and comfortable so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep. 

Bring mosquito repellent lotion because conditions cannot be predicted at midday. Usually, mosquitoes come at night. So that you don’t feel disturbed by these mosquitoes, you need to bring mosquito lotion.

Often people underestimate first aid kits. They assumed everything would be safe and nothing would happen. At the same time, first aid kits are essential safety equipment when an emergency occurs

6. Keep yourself warm and the moment

. Many people who plan to camp include fun activities such as warming up in front of the bonfire by playing games, baking food, and chatting together. 

Enjoy the moment you need equipment that makes it easy for you. Bring cocoa briquettes as your fuel of choice to enjoy the moment with friends.

So that’s a critical need to prepare for Camping. Don’t miss out on these tips. We provide the briquettes you need. Because the quality of our briquettes is very reliable and according to your necessary


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